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My name is Claire and I am a Therapeutic Life Coach and the founder of Inspire You WellBeing. We are a multi award winning business and our Mission is to improve individual’s well-being in order to enhance performance at a personal, team and organisational level.

We are your company wellbeing solution helping you and your team to feel motivated, connected and have a toolkit to manage stress, anxiety and lifestyle, improving staff retention and performance and helping the business to thrive not just survive.

Are you struggling with life choices, work life balance, family life, stress, performance, productivity, motivation, team dynamics? Whatever your problem we have a solution for you.

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Imagine if you could...

Improve efficiency and performance on a individual and organisational level - over the space of 3 months...

Would you be interested?


Working with us as an Organisation

Are you an organisation looking at including a well-being package to your team? I help organisations and to get the best out of their work environment. This consists of monthly topics with a webinar, workbooks, staff engagement and so much more. I offer team coaching and collaborate with some amazing businesses to offer you the bespoke package of wellbeing care to support your needs. Whether you are an SME or a larger organisation I have something for you.

Clinical Supervision

Working with us as a Clinical Supervisor

Are you in the mental health industry and want support for clinical practice, either individually as a clinical supervisor and coach or for whole staff groups? Are you a school looking to provide support for your Special Educational Needs Coordinators. I help professionals working within mental health and emotional wellbeing to transform their work with clients or students, looking at exploring pathways, formulations and what to do when you get 'stuck'.


Working with us Individually

Looking to improve the quality of your life, integrate work and life in a more meaningful way? Build self esteem, reduce anxiety, strengthen coping mechanisms? We have a team of practitioners who can support services for adults, children and adolescents. We offer individual support for many different reasons such as work life balance, Lifestyle, Routine, Anxiety, Trauma (EMDR trained), Stress, Imposter Syndrome, Family support- parenting and child/ family therapy, Sleep (CBTi trained).

FREE!! Are you ready to turn chaotic sleep into a restful ritual?

When you sign up with email, you get access to my free Sleep Well, Feel Better webinar where I talk about common sleep problems, why so many of us are struggling with sleep in the current climate, and the steps to take to start making changes around sleep. I hope you find it helpful!

FREE!! Laser Lunches

These FREE short videos and guides are released fortnightly designed with you in mind and are dedicated to strengthening wellbeing by focusing on our 7 pillars of wellbeing:

Physical, Emotional, Growth, Career, Financial, Social and Purpose.

FREE!! Wellbeing Strategy Audit

As a business you might want some support around your wellbeing strategy, as an individual you might want help with focusing on what needs to change. It's OK not to know where to start. Let us help!

FREE!! My top 5 Anxiety Tips

If you're struggling with anxiety right now and are looking for ways to ground yourself and find relief, sign up with your email to receive my 5 top tips for managing anxiety for you to implement on your own terms. Let me help you to be an active participant in your own healing journey

FREE!! Stress Management Checklist

Everyone experiences stress at varying levels and points in life. In this stress management worksheet you'll be able to self-reflect on stress from varying aspects of your life (work, family, money etc.) With this free resource from Inspire You, you can understand and identify stress and find the best way to improve your wellbeing to have a stress-free life!

Research Findings from Inspire You's Wellbeing Project

Inspire you were really proud to be part of the Career Lab Consultancy Programme Part of Sussex University. The university students had a brief and had 4 weeks to produce research and present their findings. The students were tasked with exploring wellbeing in the workplace and the effectiveness of it. They have worked really hard and found some really interesting results. Take a look:


Video Testimonial

Meet Nicola...


Nicola came to use before lockdown due to facing stress, anxiety and depression. Have a listen about her experience at Inspire you!


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Area Covered:

  • We are based in Shoreham-By-Sea and offer sessions at my home address and local venues, face to face (subject to COVID 19 Government Guidelines).
  • We offer Zoom and Skype sessions online.
  • We design and run courses on an app portal with bespoke online coaching

Book in a 15 Minute Free Discovery Call!


Please feel free to call between the hours of 9am and 7pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these times please contact via email and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible, but may not be the same day.

You can also contact me via this form:

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Area Covered:

  • We are based in Shoreham-By-Sea and offer sessions at home office or local venues 
  • We offer Zoom, Teams, Skype sessions online.
  • We design and run courses on an app portal with bespoke online coaching
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