Empowering organisations to boost productivity, motivation and staff retention, through bespoke packages of support  

We know since the Pandemic, Wellbeing is firmly on the radar for businesses. 822,000 people are struggling with stress in the workplace (HSE 2021) But where do you start?... is it something for now when we need to cut back with the cost of living crisis?

If you are a small company with a few staff, you have different needs to a larger company. You may be scaling and suddenly find yourself with a team, which is great but you might spend more time man managing than working on the business.

So many companies are working reactively navigating staff sickness, trying to recruit staff, feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Teams are not working effectively, communication is poor and people don't always feel valued. This means business owners and HR departments are spending a lot of time fighting fires.

This system is not working and is costing the UK £45 billion a year.

We work to live not live to work and we need to work differently, innovatively, and create a new personality for your workplaces. We need to work preventatively.

There are so many companies out there offering wellbeing solutions, executive coaching and training,-how do you know what you need to get the team working most effectively?

We believe we bridge the gap between an online platform and an executive coach to provide a range of services with trained professionals who know and understand how to deliver the bespoke solution to suit your business needs, from a comprehensive Wellbeing Analysis, Workshops and Webinars, to an exclusive Membership and 1:1 and team coaching.

We support what you have already (Employee Assistance Programmes's, Mental Health First Aiders, Wellbeing Champions, Senior Leadership Teams, Wellbeing Teams) and have complimentary online platforms and an app to deliver the membership and some training courses at a time that suits. We combine this offer with bespoke coaching and workshops using science backed methods ensuring the staff feel valued and supported by the company, remaining present, motivated and engaged. We partner with some amazing wellbeing and employee benefit businesses meaning you don't need to google/ search for anything else and we can offer you exactly what you need when you need it.

We are on a mission to help improve individual’s mental fitness, because when people are more resilient they change the way they think, behave and perform better (this includes you!).

If we could show you how small businesses have successfully improved efficiency and performance in the space of 3 months of working with us and how this is achievable for you and your business would you be interested? We know wellbeing strategies can be difficult to get right for your company. We are offering a free wellbeing audit to help you see where improvements can be made for you and your staff.  A bit like any business strategy you often don't know how much you need it until you have it... Remember life without automation?! Let us show you what your missing...  Are you in?!

Corporate Therapy

Why is Corporate Wellbeing important?

We help organisations by boosting staff productivity and motivation, as a result of improving employee wellbeing. We can assist in the understanding of complex workplace relationships, as well as teamwork, by instilling a sense of 'togetherness' and 'team spirit.'


DISC & Biofeedback

Inspire you is privileged to be working with some incredible companies to put cutting-edge technology and systems into practise. Learn more about FirstBeat's biofeedback technology and how we use DISCsimple's behaviour profiles by following the link below.

Coach Supervisor


We provide a variety of specialised services to assist you and your team. From regular monthly input packages or one off day sessions, We endeavour to support you in which ever specific way you need.

Why is Corporate Wellbeing Important?

If you're stuck with staff productivity and motivation....or maybe you just recognise the importance of staff well-being...Workplace well-being is becoming more and more important to businesses as the link between emotional well-being, productivity, motivation and staff morale.

We love to support organisations as well as individuals and their families, offering workshops, group and 1:1 coaching. We are empowering businesses to support staff to improve their performance both professionally and personally. We provide support in a number of different ways from one off workshops to regular monthly support. Every business is so different so we can look at a variety of packages that start from a monthly webinars to include group/ 1:1 coaching sessions.

For every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions they get £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover (Deloitte, 2020)


Because you want to support your staff well-being/ mental balance

You are focused on how to enhance and develop the team, understanding team and individual behaviours and support team building, improving relationships and dynamics between team members.

Following Covid, your company are restructuring to consider changes with returning to office spaces / flexibility to work from home and want to keep the team together, when they are not in the same room.

You want to value your best asset, your team, help them with work life balance, feel more confident and reach their potential.

Your staff may be off sick reporting stress, anxiety and burnout and you want to be able to help them, preventing turnover and abseentism.

Did you know... 

Poor mental health costs employers up to £45 billion each year. This is a rise of 16% since 2016.

96% of individuals agreed that their manager has an impact on their wellbeing at work

1 in 4 people suffer from poor mental health at some point in their lives

822,000 workers are currently suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety since the pandemic

Stress-related absence increased by 64% in 2020

Tools we use to improve your organisation's wellbeing

We are excited to share that Inspire You is teamed with other companies to provide you with the most effective support possible. Follow below to learn about our collaborations with FirstBeat and DISCsimple, and how they we use them to deliver your wellbeing experience.


DISC Behaviour Profiles

By DISCsimple



By FirstBeat


What is DISC?

Is there somebody whose behaviour's surprise you or make you wonder why they do what they do? Are you ever confused as to why you are the way you are?

DISC provides you with a behavioural profile that will help you navigate the complicated world of relationships and improve communication between different behavioural styles.

Through our partnership with 'DISCsimple' we can provide you and your employees bespoke behaviour profiles to help make sense of relationships in the workplace. By identifying traits and behaviours of ourselves and others we are able to effectively improve communication and reduce workplace frustrations.

DISC is more than just a personality assessment. It can aid in the development of long-term, loyal, helpful, and interesting connections, hence increasing the value and retention of employees.

The model of behaviour is split into four personality and behavioural styles that make up the DISC model. 

D - Dominance
I - Influence
S - Steadiness
C - Conscientiousness

All of these styles have unique qualities and attributes that are unique to them, and we all have a mix of all four but we tend to favour one over the others. This makes it important for us to identify what motivates us and others so that we can utilise this within our teams.

If you would like to find out more about DISC and how it can help you...

What is Biofeedback?

By partnering with Firstbeat, Inspire You offers the opportunity to track and measure physiological data such as heart rate variability (HRV)-based analytics, to transform heartbeat data into personalized information on exercise, stress and recovery.

These devices are a bit like Fitbit/ Apple/ Garmin watches but focus on obtaining data bespoke for wellbeing analysis and offer much deeper analysis into wellbeing.

Our daily behavioural choices and lifestyle have a 40% influence on our health. The effect of this factor can be observed physiologically and used to improve employee lifestyle; which is will directly improve productivity.

The data collated from these devices will allow us to create unique individual plans to measure the usefulness of approaches for them.

By wearing the device for 3 days every few months we can not only focus on improving individuals well-being but we can target interventions at specific stressor points.There is an app which offers real-time access and shows previous measurements and trends.

As a Company you can also see anonymised data (GDPR compliant) of staff which can help to target wellbeing strategy if for example you can see certain teams are more stressed or there is a general struggle with sleep/ exercise.

Individual Devices:

For those of us who are interested in monitoring stress and recovery levels and regularly managing this. Using an app we can regularly track and support you to make improvements

Team Devices:

Equipped with GDPR oversight for companies we can measure staff data and target bespoke support where it is needed.

If you would like to find out more about Biofeedback and how it can help you...

Corporate Testimonials

Claire delivered a fantastic workshop for our Society members on tackling stress, burnout, and self-care. We received very positive feedback from all who attended. We learned so much and got some very helpful techniques for combatting burnout. Claire is professional, engaging and very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend, thank you Claire!

Women in Law Society

Feedback from a training using Lego to support staff:

Enjoyed all of the day the talk, the experiential work and the handouts. Thank you

It was a wonderful relaxed atmosphere.

There was a good balance of experiential work and theory.

Absolutely Fabulous Thank you

Great fun to use Lego in a different way

Having supervision with Claire allows gives our team dedicated space and time to work together to find the best support for our children who are really struggling

It was good to have time to talk as an SLT (Senior Leadership Team)

Claire has supported our senior leadership team for a number of years both individually and collectively through 1:1 and team support. Claire has supported staff with stress, how to manage other staff, time management, work life balance and complex children we work with. Claire's open and warm approach makes talking about concerns very easy. Team members have often reflected back to conversations around managing work related issues and have learnt ways to manage better

Jenny, Local Primary School

I have really enjoyed working with Claire. She and her team are very professional.  We have launched the Inspire-You laser lunches on our team training platform (Training-Progress) to help our clients to meet their well-being obligations to their team members.  The format is easy to use and the tasks are   manageable.  It provides a simple way to care for your team.

Laura Shaw (Training Progress)

Services for Organisations

At inspire you we offer a bespoke selection of services. As a template, we offer packages that tailor to your specific business needs. Please view our services and packages below.


  • Wellbeing Analysis

    Many companies do not know where to start when considering wellbeing strategy, but this is so important to identify potential gaps and improvements. 

    We start by meeting the business owner/ HR manager and reviewing the existing wellbeing strategy. Once we have established the audit we focus on the team. Through wellbeing surveys and health checks we can develop employee wellbeing scores and an overall company wellbeing score.

    Then we can offer recommendations for working together based on the outcomes of the analysis.

  • One off Webinars and Workshops around well-being topics for team days

    Depending on the needs of the service we offer webinars and workshops on a key topic or theme through reflective discussions (varying from 1 hour to 2-3 hours).

    Key topics include:

    1. Team building
    2. Fixing support
    3. Team motivation and staff retention
    4. Men and women's health

    Alternatively, if you feel like a full webinar/workship is too difficult to arrange, you could take up our laser-focused 10 minute top tip videos - taking people from problems to solutions through actionable tasks.

Book in a call with Inspire You, agree the package that suits you.

Once agreed we would set up initial meetings with key stakeholders to discuss plan for implementation.

If you are having devices/profiles we order and build awareness and excitement about Inspire Teams. A taster workshop works well

Go Live. Implementation followed by regular reviews and modifications.

  • People & Culture Strategy Support - 5 session package for £1000

    Elevate your business with our People and Culture Strategy Support service, where we partner with business leaders to craft bespoke strategies that align seamlessly with organisational goals. Our seasoned professionals bring a wealth of experience, ensuring that the tailored solutions we co-create foster a thriving workplace culture. From collaborative design sessions to the implementation roadmap, our process is rooted in your organisation's unique identity.

  • Wellness Days

    Team days and organisation Events are designed to foster team dynamics, offering the space to focus on wellbeing in a creative, safe and fun way. This ensures that staff feel listened to. There is a focus on how managers can utilise information received from staff to inform their wellbeing strategy.

    This can be designed to your needs, budget and venue requirements. Our preferred structure is offering a holistic wellbeing assessment in the morning utilising health checks, Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Coaches, Yoga/ Pilates, Breathwork and many more amazing practitioners to help staff awareness around wellbeing support. Then the afternoon can either be team coaching where we look at supporting discussions around strategy/ organisational changes in a fun and interactive way to build resilience and team culture.

    Or how about completely stepping away from work and organising team building activities. We have a great company that we use who can bring all sorts of challenges and games to the team from Crystal Maze/ The Cube to Escape Rooms.

  • 1:1 Coaching

    1:1 coaching and therapy is a core part of Inspire Teams offering. Coaching helps Business owners, Senior Leadership Teams and employees to tap into their full potential, set and achieve professional goals, improve decision-making, reduce stress, create a healthier work-life balance and improve interpersonal skills. Coaching is completely bespoke and follows the lead of the individual's needs, goals and desires to enable them to move forward with clarity and purpose.

    Are staff struggling with Stress/ Anxiety/ Depression/ Trauma?

    Then you may want to consider 1:1 Therapy support. By having specific targeted therapy following NICE guidelines and with a trained practitioner, staff can be supported to work through any significant life events that might be holding them back/ feeding into their current situation to enhance their wellbeing and allow them to move forward effectively.

  • DISC

    By partnering with 'Discsimple' each staff member gets a bespoke profile created. This tool is amazing and not only helps you understand yourself and others but helps you to easily identify the traits and behaviours of other people so you manage your relationships in a new ways creating a more harmonious team.

    Click here to learn more about DISC

  • Team Management

    We can provide team management support by coaching staff on communication and team building, and supporting staff to reduce their stress and improve their lifestyle. This can include workshops to support their lifestyle, resilience and performance.

  • Leadership/ Management Training - 2 hour package for £495

    All business leadership/ management should be trained in having difficult conversations, delegation, time management, communications and team building. Well trained management ensures smooth business operations and benefits for both the individual, and the organisation.

    Benefits for the individual include:

    • Improving interactions with co-workers and consumers
    • Learning how to identify and address own personal development needs
    • Reduce work-stress
    • Develop your current abilities
    • Learning to balance work and life
    • Having more self-assurance

    Benefits for the organisation include:

    • Increased employee dedication and satisfaction
    • Assists newly promoted staff in adjusting to new duties.
    • Improving staff performance
  • FirstBeat Biofeedback

    By partnering with Firstbeat, Inspire You offers the opportunity to track and measure physiological data such as heart rate variability (HRV)-based analytics, to transform heartbeat data into personalized information on exercise, stress and recovery.

    These devices are a bit like Fitbit/ Apple/ Garmin watches but focus on obtaining data bespoke for wellbeing analysis and offer much deeper analysis into wellbeing.

    As a Company you can also see anonymised data (GDPR compliant) of staff which can help to target wellbeing strategy if for example you can see certain teams are more stressed or there is a general struggle with sleep/ exercise.

    Click here to learn more about FirstBeat Biofeedback

  • Inspire Teams Monthly Membership

    Unlike some platforms where you get an information overload, this platform deep dives into a different theme each month, such as food and mood, goal-setting and self-confidence, and is designed to help members to identify patterns of behaviour, reflect and gain self-awareness, measure and track their progress in key areas, and build their self-confidence.

    It includes downloadable and printable PDF workbooks, wellbeing assessments, tips sheets (including topic-specific positive affirmations), and educational webinars. It can be used in conjunction with or to supplement additional support such as webinars, 1:1 or group coaching, or as a standalone resource.

Whats next?

If you want to find out more please get in touch. Please note we are proud to Work 4 Day Weeks around 9-5 Monday to Friday (less during school holidays!) and feel this is crucial to improving our work life balances. We prefer you to email or book a discovery call and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.