Workplace Well-Being is becoming more relevant, especially in the wake of COVID19. I am empowering organisations to boost productivity, motivation and staff retention. I offer bespoke packages of support.  
Corporate Therapy

Working in Corporate Organisations to support Well-Being

I help your organisation to support staff productivity and motivation. Building a 'team spirit' and sense of 'togetherness.' I offer regular monthly input packages or maybe you are having a team day and want a bespoke session for your day.

Coach Supervisor

Working with mental Health Practitioners and Life Coaches: Clinical Supervision & Well-Being support

I help professionals working in mental health to transform their work with their clients, the impact of this on them and how to support people to move forward effectively.

Offering Bespoke Packages of Support including:

  • 1. One off Webinars and Workshops around well-being topics for team days
  • 2. Monthly Memberships

    • Basic Level:
    • Monthly workshops / webinars
    • Access to online system including:
    • Tip sheets related to the theme of the month; focus on energy, drive, and health situations
    • Staff wellbeing assessments includes tips to improve well-being pre and post assessment to demonstrate outcomes of being supported under the scheme
    • Monthly Team Work: A selection of challenges / tips / affirmations / recipes
    • Daily habit and team building
    • Recognition: birthday recognition; team member of the month; wins of the week; shout outs to recognise peers
    • Encourages collaboration and connection, reduces turnover and increases employee satisfaction

  • 3. Group and 1:1 Coaching

    Whether it's supporting Senior Leadership Teams, staff teams, or individuals. Adding monthly coaching can really improve productivity

Claire Elmes

Corporate Wellbeing Therapist, Life Coach & Master NLP Practitioner

With all the resources available at our fingertips in these modern times, we still live with unfulfilled potential in us, where we don’t follow through on our resolutions or go after our big dreams just because of our limiting beliefs, overwhelm and lack of initiative to get started and keep going.

And this is where I can help you to stretch yourself to create and achieve a compelling vision for your organisation.

Hi, I am Claire Elmes, a certified Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Emotional Wellbeing Consultant extending my services to corporates and individuals alike.

Whats next?

If you feel that you need professional help from a certified Life Coach, please feel free to contact between the hours of 9am and 7pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these times please contact via email and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.





The next stage is to contact me.

I will then take some details and arrange an initial consultation.

Area Covered:

  • I am based in Shoreham-By-Sea and offer sessions at my home address face to face (subject to COVID 19 Government Guidelines).
  • I offer Zoom and Skype sessions online.
  • I design and run courses on an app portal with bespoke online coaching

Look forward to working with you!