World Kindness Day

So yesterday was World Kindness Day and Children in Need. I offered some FREE discovery calls to those in my Facebook Group. I hope they found it helpful it was last minute and I am pleased I opened up my diary. I will definitely do that again especially in the current climate…If you are looking at my website and would like to join please join here
Thinking about world kindness day and children in need gets me thinking about how to be kind to others.
Did you know being kind to others has loads of benefits:
1. Kindness boosts your immune system.
Oxytocin (feel good hormone) gets released when we are kind. It can reduce inflammation linked to various physical issues we experience in our bodies.
2. Being kind is good for your heart.
Oxytocin expands blood vessels, which reduces blood pressure.
3. Kindness can reduce anxiety.
Social anxiety can be really overwhelming. Our mind monkeys come up with reasons why what we’re about to say will be the ‘wrong thing’. So we clam up and say nothing and often look very awkward.
Instead of thinking about how you feel, think about how someone else might be feeling and try to brighten their day. It’s hard when your mind monkeys of anxiety are sabotaging every attempt to be kind. But those who matter will notice the effort. A good way of overcoming this might be to plan ahead.
4. Being kind helps you build your support community.
The phrase ‘do onto others as you want them to do onto you’ comes to mind. Kindness always comes back, just like other emotions.
We all go through hard times when we don’t feel like we’re doing enough for the challenges around us. If you have a strong network of friends, you’re less likely to feel alone.
5. Kindness gives you a sense of control.
We instinctively feel resentful of people who push our buttons and cause us to lose our temper. The phrase ‘kill them with kindness’ is one I always try to do. When we get triggered by these people we often feel out of control. There may need to be some cleansing to avoid some triggering relationships if possible.
6. Kindness gives you a break.
One of the biggest problems with anxiety and stress is that they don’t give our brains a break. When we focus on the joy we are bringing to someone else, we give our brains a much-needed break from figuring out our own problems.
We give the analytical, thinking, or ‘left’ side of our brain a rest, and we instead engage the creative and feeling side of our brain. In doing this, we find that our consciousness is eased, and our ‘thinking’ brain can operate with a little more ease.
By focusing on someone else’s happiness, we forget about our problems for a while. And that alone is enough to give us a little boost. This is truly one of the ‘secret’ benefits of being kind not many people realise.
7. Kindness is what we all need.
We all need as much kindness as we can get.
So what could you do to be kind….
It doesn’t have to be a big gesture here are a few ideas:
  • Check in with a family/ friend member
  • Compliment someone you meet
  • Take breaks during the day to reflect on people in your life and let them know how much they mean to you
  • Be 100% present with people…. phones, computers, ipads, everything away… focus purely on the people in front of you…
  • Make some positive memories to look over in years to come
What have you done to be kind this week? Do drop me an email/ come into my group and let me know.
Spread some sparkle.
Best Wishes
Remember I am collecting for those in need for Christmas hampers. If you have anything you would like to donate for a good cause please check out just giving or pm me if your local and want to drop off anything. There is an amazing collection starting I am so proud and grateful to support giving back ❤ 💙 💜

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