So the Coronavirus Pandemic has arrived and is snowballing pretty quickly. This is an unknown and difficult time for everyone and is likely to bring to the fore a lot of mental health issues. I was scrolling (as you do) and became aware of Chris Martin (from Coldplay) who was in isolation and had decided to do a Chris Martin Live event ( This really struck me and I thought instead of watching things unfold I would actively try to utilise my skills to improve community and support people the best way I could.

So I thought with my new website still evolving I would try to create a page dedicated to supporting people who are struggling with their mental health due to the coronavirus.

I have contacted local businesses and utilised networks of professionals as well as extensive research to compile this information.

I am able to offer skype/ whats app video/ zoom consultations ad hoc to those who feel they need professional support at this time. I want to do my bit to support the country getting back on track.

I want to thank everyone who participated and offered resources to share. We are in this together and this to shall pass. #togetherathome.

Important steps to manage emotional wellbeing at this time:

1. Do not stockpile-

Stockpiling is not helping society and is crippling resources. There is no idea about how long or how intense the current lockdown measures will be for and if we all return to our normal buying there will be enough for everyone and a level of 'normality' will resume in the current climate.

Why are people doing it?

When we are faced with danger we are in the 'fight or flight' part of our brains. This is a primative natural almost automatic response. when this danger is 'new and out of control' we feel the need to try to find control. Psychologists estimate that this panic will often subside after a month when people are able to think more rationally and therefore are no longer in 'fight/flight.'

2. Structure/ Routine-

We are a nation who love structure and routine. This makes us feel safe. In these uncertain times try and create some structure and routine for you and your loved ones. There are lots of resources out there from virtual exercise classes to children's groups. Ensure you still get up dressed eat well, go to bed at the right time. Juggling work/ life/ family balance is really tough.

3. Eat/ Sleep well-

Make sure you try to eat a balanced diet and keep good sleep hygiene. There is so much reseacrh on mood-food-sleep links so try to make changes in these areas.

4. Reframing negative thoughts

Understandably lots of people are anxious about the unknown of the current situation. Try writing thoughts down and looking at the negative thoughts reframing them to a positive.

For example: I cannot cope working with my child/ children at home and am not a teacher and cannot homeschool etc.

Consider the benefits of having everyone home spending quality time together. Remember as a parent we are constantly teaching our children and all have different skills. If maths is not your strong point don't worry. Help with what you can and try and give them other experiences.

5. Find strategies to keep yourself well.

Everyone has strategies they use to keep themselves well. If you are not sure what will help consider what your interests are and look at including that in your week. Consider diet/exercise/creative activties/ meditation.

6. Resources

Some useful resources and links I will be compiling over the coming days/ weeks.