Whats next?

If you feel that you need professional help:

  • 1
    With your child or a child you know or your family.
  • 2
    As an adult requiring mental health/ emotional well-being support.
  • 3
    As a trainee/ qualified therapist requiring supervision.
  • 4
    As an organisation wanting training/ consultancy/ well-being

The next stage is to contact me.

Book a discovery Call/ Email me!

I will then take some basic details and arrange an initial assessment and discussion.

At this meeting we would:

  • Discuss the presenting problem and reasons for referral.
  • Carry out an assessment – some simple questions and questionnaires about the difficulties and relevant information relating to the problems.
  • Agree upon our intervention, objectives, location, fees and payment, the number and dates of sessions and when we should have a review meeting.