My daughter has found it really useful to have some more things in her mental 'tool box' to help manage her feelings, especially around anxieties about school. She is noticeably calmer and more confident that she can do things and can cope. She seems to understand her emotions a bit better now and is more willing to try things she had lost the confidence to do


Woody has made massive changes in his behaviour and attitude to life and learning. Since his sessions with Claire he is able to express himself more easily and his attention has drastically improved, he is now keen to listen and learn. He was able to process the past few months of unsettlement and seems much happier and at ease. Thank you so much for all your help


Bonnie: Claire is really nice. Go to her if you need help.

Parents: I think you made a huge difference to Bonnie and I was so glad she was able to trust you.


I have been working with Claire for the last year, I have found our supervision sessions to be informative, supportive and we have worked together in a collaborative way. Claire has a wealth of experience and is very knowledgeable on her practice as a play therapist and within supervision


I enjoy colouring because it takes my mind off bad things that have happened.


Claire offered my daughter a safe and confidential space for talking through some difficult things alongside engaging in some creative work. Claire offered some useful strategies that my daughter could use for managing her anxiety which my daughter responded really well to and made a big difference in her confidence. My daughter really appreciated the sessions.


Claire has been a great help in getting our son to sleep through the night and overcome his anxiety and nightmares. He has now slept through several times without us for the first time in his life ! Thank you


Claire has worked miracles with J. He absolutely loved her sessions and spent the time between sessions planning the next one!
J says "I think Claire is lovely, you get to play with al the toys and you can talk and even about bunnies! I think Claire helped me with lots of things about school and change. I hope I see her soon."


Claire has been fantastic by really helping my daughter to talk through her difficulties and think about ways of dealing with her anger in a more constructive way. It has made a real difference to our family in 6 months. Thank you so much Claire


My daughter has had an amazing time with Claire, transforming her difficulties with being left with new groups, shyness and so on. Not only did she have fun, she absolutely took to Claire - at the end of her last session with her she announced she loved Claire and wanted to give her heart to her!

Dom Robinson

Wade is deffinately more settled since having play therapy and enjoyed the sessions with Claire a lot!


Nathaniel really enjoyed his play therapy with Claire. We found his confidence has grown and he is more aware of his emotions.


Play Therapy has helped Caitlin to express her emotions so that she can be understood better by everyone.


Storm has had the outlet to talk to someone outside, has had help with her emotions and thinking about her new family.


aged 7

Harvey: I like playing here and don't want to leave. I have learnt how to deal with anger and how to be good!

Parents: We feel Harvey has benefitted from having his own space to be Harvey and express anger


Aged 5

Harvey: I like playing here and don't want to leave. I have learnt how to deal with anger and how to be good!

Parents: We feel Harvey has benefitted from having his own space to be Harvey and express anger


Aged 5

Tyler had a block of sessions with Claire over the summer holidays to deal with his fear of the wind and the rain. This effected him going into school the previous year (he didn't want to be left) and we didn't want him going into Year 4 with it being an issue again. After 5 sessions Tyler is so much better about the weather and has gone back to school for the first week amazingly. He still has the occasional worry but Claire left us with the tools to help him deal with it. Tyler's time with Claire has had a very positive effect and met the target of him happily going back to school. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone who is seeking some help. Thanks for helping us Claire!


Claire is really supportive throughout all sessions. She is very knowledgeable across areas of Therapy and is easy to talk to about clients and developing as a trainee.