6 ways to get moving with the whole family

6 Fun Ways to Get Moving with the Whole Family

By Rhiannon

Time to Get Moving with the Whole Family

Many of us struggle with the lack of money and time that needs to be put towards an expensive gym membership. Squeezing exercise around bedtimes and childcare isn’t always consistent and this often leads us to quitting within the first few months or never joining at all.

If you feel that you want to be healthier in body and mind but can’t figure out how to incorporate exercise into your daily routine without spending copious amounts of money on fitness classes or going for that dreaded early morning run, we suggest getting some manageable exercise in at home with the whole family.

Why is it important?

Research from the NHS shows that regular exercise can reduce your risk of major illness by up to 30% while also boosting self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy as well as reducing your risk of stress, clinical depression, and dementia.

This sounds like a miracle cure but guidelines state that adults need to find time for at least 150 minutes of physical activity in-between working, the school run, household chores and wind down time.

If you’re working in an office job where most of the day is spent sitting down, it may be hard to get those precious minutes in and by the time you’ve travelled home, put a wash on and got dinner on the table, the last thing on your mind is making your way to the gym.

What if your work out could be fun, collaborative and at home? Remember, when doing any of these exercises’ safety comes first. Clear a space and always risk assess before starting to prevent injuries.

6 Family Friendly Exercises to Get Moving:

1. Dance Party

Child Dancing

Make a playlist together and get moving, this is perfect to make use of the afterschool hyperactivity. The best part about your home dance class is that no one else is watching and you can be as silly as you want to be.

2. Jumping Jacks and Spotty Dogs

This is an easy one that can be done in intervals, not only will it get your body moving but it will also support coordination skills for your children.

3. Frog Jumps

These aren’t as evil as burpees, and you can ribbit while you do it. This will get the kids laughing and thinking about other animals that jump.

4. Piggyback Squats

Piggy back squats

This will be a child favourite, get them safely on your back (it might help if you have a back carrier) and get squatting. The added weight will give some resistance to your work out and your kids will love the ride. This works for lunges too but make sure you have a something to hold onto for everyone’s safety.

5. Say Boo!

This works for smaller toddlers and babies. Get yourself laying comfortably on the floor and ready for some crunches. Let your child sit on your tummy and hold their hands, you get the rest.

6. Yoga

Kids yoga

There are loads of great yoga videos for kids that adults will benefit from too. You could choose one together and follow along to get those bodies stretched and relaxed.


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