April 2020So the Coronavirus Pandemic has arrived and is snowballing pretty quickly. This is an unknown and difficult time for everyone and is likely to bring to the fore a lot of mental health issues. I was scrolling (as you do) and became aware of Chris Martin (from Coldplay) who was in isolation and had decided to do a Chris Martin Live event (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMBK9OfsKO4). This really struck me and I thought instead of watching things unfold I would actively try to utilise my skills to improve community and support people the best way I could.

So I thought with my new website still evolving I would try to create a page dedicated to supporting people who are struggling with their mental health due to the coronavirus.

I have contacted local businesses and utilised networks of professionals as well as extensive research to compile this information.

I am able to offer skype/ whats app video/ zoom consultations ad hoc to those who feel they need professional support at this time. I want to do my bit to support the country getting back on track.

I want to thank everyone who participated and offered resources to share. We are in this together and this to shall pass. #togetherathome.

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