Combining Weight Loss and Team Building for Corporate Wellbeing


Combining Weight Loss and Team Building for Corporate Wellbeing

Investing in corporate wellbeing is crucial for modern organisations to thrive against competitors. New research shows that organisations that value corporate wellness and a healthy company culture are more likely to attract and retain high-quality talent. 42% of job seekers report that wellness perks and benefits such as corporate wellness programs are an essential part of their final decision when looking at employers.

Aside from boosting employee morale and productivity, corporate wellness can also help promote individual health and well-being — namely, helping employees maintain healthy habits to stay on track with health goals and keep a healthier lifestyle. By encouraging employees to set achievable goals and work with a team of colleagues to achieve those goals, organisations can improve overall employee health and well-being.

One key aspect of corporate wellness initiatives is weight loss or weight management programmes. Below, we’ll look at why weight management in the workplace is important and some ways organisations can combine weight loss and team-building concepts to enhance corporate wellbeing:

Weight management in the workplace

Nowadays, more and more organisations are recognising the impact of weight-related concerns — such as obesity — in the workplace. Employees who are overweight and obese typically face stigmatisation, social devaluation, and discrimination in various social settings, including the workplace.

Some of the common weight-based stigma occur as early as recruitment and selection stages, with employers often holding stereotypical misconceptions about people living with obesity. Aside from negatively impacting workplace relationships, obesity can also put employees in unfavourable positions or more challenging areas of work with fewer opportunities to perform well.

To help counter this ongoing structural and systematic disadvantage, more employers are investing in workplace weight loss or weight management programmes to support their employees. Sometimes, these weight management initiatives also include general health and wellness, making them beneficial for employees who aren’t overweight or obese and a great exercise in team building.

Talk to us about our wellbeing assessments where we can help you look at all areas of wellbeing including diet. We are also a herbalife provider so can offer discounts off herbalife products.

Weight loss and team building

Below, we’ll look at a few ways organisations can invest in corporate well-being, weight management, and team building to improve workplace relationships and overall wellness.


Weight loss classes/workshops

Group weight loss classes or workshops are a great way to get employees involved and working towards a common wellness goal. By simply searching “weight loss classes near me,” organisations can access both in-person and virtual weight loss workshops that can be held for different teams or departments.

Weight loss classes are a great way to connect with qualified expert coaches who can teach the proper techniques and tools to help employees reach their health goals and maintain them in the long-term. By doing it in groups, employees can also help motivate each other and hold one another accountable.

Weight Watchers and Slimming World started the trends but Herbalife Nutrition Club’s and numerous other local offerings are helping people to stay accountable and find others on a similar journey.

Wellness retreats

Another way to combine weight loss and team building is by organising wellness retreats that focus on various aspects of wellness. This allows employees some time away from the office and workplace to connect with nature while bonding with their fellow colleagues.

Some of the popular types of wellness retreats these days include digital detox retreats that focus on nature immersion and real-life connections. Mindful eating and weight loss retreats are also increasingly popular as they offer alternatives to restrictive diets and gruelling workout routines — instead focusing on mindful cooking and eating and nutrition education. Our favourite retreats include fitness and yoga retreats, creating plenty of space for rest and recovery.

But how do you recreate this in a workplace? Did you know many innovative companies are now offering their staff wellness retreats as part of their team days? Team building events such as a fitness challenge or escape room can be included so that it becomes part of team culture and not seen as something too fluffy. Leadership teams are also going away for a couple of nights where the focus is team building and the business as well as fitness, weight loss and fun. Workshops are included on weight loss, nutrition, exercise as well as coaching around habits, lifestyle, wellbeing techniques and hacks. Often set at a golf and spa resort these events offer something for everyone together as well as time to relax and unwind.

Ultimately, these group activities are a great way for employees to bond and connect with each other outside of the workplace setting while providing an avenue for them to pursue healthier habits and become more in tune with their bodies and well-being. By investing in corporate wellness initiatives, organisations can promote a healthier working culture that is reflected through increased productivity and employee wellbeing.

We help organisations run their own wellness retreats, from team days to leadership team overnighters. So if you are thinking of doing something different for your team away day let us know. We connect and partner with some amazing wellbeing businesses to offer you anything from inspirational speakers and energetic workshops, right through to yoga, soundbath and relaxation breathwork sessions, even including ice baths for those who are brave enough. We love integrating business coaching into wellbeing and lifestyle and what better way to do this than a retreat.

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