Looking for support for your clinical practice, either individually as a clinical supervisor or whole staff groups as well-being support? I help professionals working within mental health and emotional wellbeing to transform their work with clients, looking at exploring pathways, formulations and what to do when you get 'stuck'. I also focus on your emotional well-being and how that can impact the client group your working with. I have recently been doing a lot of support within schools, supporting staff with personal well-being and complex children.

Supervision is about having a safe space to creatively challenge, explore, acknowledge and support supervisees which will enhance professional development and confidence. Supervision should be fun, useful and empowering to increase insight, self-reflection and to find solutions.

I am a Creative Clinical Supervisor and supervise trainees and qualified professionals.

Why is Supervision Important?

Supervision has many functions:

  • Formative: information giving
  • Normative: help practitioners to update and improve skills
  • Restorative: confidence building
  • Reflective space
  • Relates theory to practice
  • Maintain ethics and standards of practice
Creative session. Close up of young male hands using marker while sketching


Claire has been my supervisor for many years and is supportive, experienced, knowledgeable and encouraging to support me in my work with children and the therapists I supervise. 


Claire is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. She has been my clinical supervisor throughout this difficult year and offers practical and helpful advice, tips and strategies. Her support is personal, genuine and insightful.


I have been working with Claire for the last year, I have found our supervision sessions to be informative, supportive and we have worked together in a collaborative way. Claire has a wealth of experience and is very knowledgeable on her practice as a play therapist and within supervision


 Reflective & Well-being practice

I can support staff for well-being sessions.

I am offering 2 hour slots every half term for schools or every 6-8 weeks for organisations. The focus of these sessions is varied but always focuses on the importance of having a reflective space to discuss staff well-being alongside looking at complex cases and support around clients worked with. This is used so effectively in clinical settings to gather other strategies and ideas and share difficulties and successes (See Corporate Well-Being for more information).