If you're stuck in your career...

I will coach you to get intentional about your career choices, show you how to advance your career to experience success and fulfilment at your workplace.

So what is career coaching?

Career coaching can be anything from shifting boundaries and managing work life balance better to a change of career and direction. Whatever you are striving to achieve if you need support you are in the right place!

How do we do this? Well we all have a set of values, rules that we like to follow. Sometimes we find ourselves in a job/career which is completely in opposition to these personal values. By delving into your core identity we can help to uncover what is mis-alligned and look at living to your purpose and passion! This might mean a career change, or it might mean that we are working out what needs to change in order to gain the respect and confidence to implement boundaries that will make you feel in alignment and enjoying work again!

I have been close to burn out, I know and understand how stuck you feel and how you feel you have no control or choice in your work, but here's the thing: You absolutely have a choice! Sometimes you just need to talk it through.

Career Coaching success
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If you're looking to launch your dream business...

Work with me to translate your unique ideas into a thriving business, where I will help you create a solid business plan and the real-life experience to execute it flawlessly.

I have been self employed since 2008. I have learnt a lot about what works and what doesn't. The key is to get intentional, be motivated and work SMARTER and not harder!

I can help you create a step by step business plan and work out how you can achieve your dreams!


If you're looking for work/life balance...

Struggling with work-life balance is a common problem for many of us as we are constantly juggling a lot of responsibilities between work and home. Work can take over and we end up working too much, not switching off and potentially on a slippery slope to burnout.

Let me help you balance demanding workloads with family responsibilities and finding “me time” to help you enjoy a relaxed life.

Work Life Balance Coach

Whats next?

If you feel that you need professional help from a certified Life Coach, please feel free to contact between the hours of 9am and 7pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these times please contact via email and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.





The next stage is to contact me.

I will then take some details and arrange an initial consultation.

Area Covered:

  • I am based in Shoreham-By-Sea and offer sessions at my home address face to face (subject to COVID 19 Government Guidelines).
  • I offer Zoom and Skype sessions online.
  • I design and run courses on an app portal with bespoke online coaching