7 ways to find a job you love

7 Ways to Find a Job You Love

7 Ways to Find a Job You Love


Why Should You Love Your Job?


The average person will spend one third of their life at work, so how can you find a job you’ll love?

Whether you’re working for someone else or running a business, you should feel passionate about what you do. 

When you love your job, you will see it as a choice rather than a burden. Waking up on Monday morning won’t feel like such a chore.

If you can find a job with a balance that suits you, you will not only feel fulfilled in your life but also have a drive to succeed. 

We know it’s not always that simple, and sometimes we will work in jobs where the job itself is not something you love.

In this case, you want to work for a company you love, where you feel appreciated and there is room for you to grow.

How to Find a Job You Love…

1. Your Job Works Around You

a woman having an interview, the window behind them overlooks a city

You shouldn’t have to beg for flexibility. Employees are not machines and the company should recognise that.

When interviewing for a job, ask about their flexibility. If you need a doctor’s appointment, or to pick up your child early, what are their processes?

You don’t need to  feel like you’re a burden when life happens.


2. They Have Rules Around Boundaries

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Do you have the ability to unplug from work? If you’re expected to answer calls out of hours or use your own accounts for tech, consider if it’s the job for you.

If you’re unable to switch off, you won’t have a good sense of work-life balance.


3. Building Friendships

making friends to love your job

An environment of people that share your values and even interests can help work feel more like family.

Companies that facilitate team-building activities and social events tend to have a close knit team that can work together in harmony.

You might also prefer to work in independence, so consider what your personality needs in a job.


4. Offering Opportunity

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Is there opportunity to develop within the team if you want to?

You want to be somewhere that nurtures your strengths but also bridges skill gaps when needed.

Ask what their continuous development looks like and decide if it’s a company that allows for movement and growth.


5. Wages and Benefits

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Are you getting paid appropriately for the type of work you’re doing?

Consider if your workplace has the capacity to give pay rises as you become more advanced in your area.

Also check in on their extra benefits, some jobs will offer services such as therapy or dental care. Decide if this is something that is important to you.


6. Location

love your job on motorbike

Really think about how far you are willing to travel each day, and whether you will use your own car or public transport.

If taking the tube is something you dread, is it something you would feel comfortable doing every day?

Your journey to work could completely change your mood for the day so when choosing your employer, think about location. 


7. It’s Okay to Ask Questions

team meeting

When you go for your interview, arrive with questions prepared.

Decide what’s important to you in your job and see if the employer can meet your needs.

Don’t forget, you want to find out as much about them as they do about you.



Finding your dream job can be difficult, especially when there is so much to think about.

You want your values to align with the company and you want to feel appreciated. 

If you would like some life coaching, contact us at Inspire You where we offer 1:1 coaching and a values test to recognise what matters to you.




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